Prayer and Donuts

Two days ago, I watched as a technician activated the servos on the big table that my 10-year-old daughter lay on. She and the table began moving forward into the MRI machine. I was filled with a bit of anxiety since I had only seen this on television but wasn’t overly concerned or upset. “I cried the whole time,” my wife had told me 10 minutes earlier. Not me. This is nothing. Two hours later that brave little girl and I left the room her tears drying. Tears that had been shed for the IV not the machine. She wasn’t afraid of the machine. Only the needle.

This Morning, as I sit in my recliner, reading and praying, I write her name in my prayer journal. The floodgates open, and I can’t stop the tears. Such a little girl with such a large burden. Now I understand my wife’s comment on Monday.

This morning I am praying for “Boring Results” as that little girl says, and her fearlessness and confidence is tearing me up. I am broken and that is what God wants. He wants us to be broken for our friends and family. He wants us to ask for healing and believe he will provide. To trust Him. It can be hard when we are talking about our children and family, but He is using this experience with my baby girl to change me and my habits.

As a Christian and follower of Christ, Prayer is paramount in the expectations God has for us. He wants to know us, and He wants us to know him. This can only be accomplished through prayer and study of His Word. Praying for my daughter this morning and having a mini meltdown has given me a little clarity in my relationship with him, and I feel like I can hear him a bit more clearly today.